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Entreprise Générale du Bâtiment – Garage Transformation Ideas

Often, the garage is used primarily for storage: it is used to store seasonal items, old furniture and random and unnecessary objects that accumulate over the years. However, this too often neglected space is just as useful as the rest of the house!

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With a little attention and support, any homeowner can turn their garage into a real haven of peace. If you do not know what to do with this space, here are some ideas to explore, consider and implement in your own home.

1) A new habitable space

If you have been deprived of the right to renovate or expand your property, but you desperately need another room, why not consider turning your garage into an alternative living space? Not all garages are equipped for living, because of insulation and heat issues. However, it is possible to renovate this space to make it habitable. For example, you can consider installing heated floors or carpet over the concrete floor to create a warm atmosphere.

2) A playroom

If you need a place to send the kids for a few hours so you can relax, consider turning your garage into a playroom! The garage is perfectly suited for activities that create chaos and that you would prefer to avoid keeping inside the house. For example, arts and crafts activities. Now you will not have to worry about your toddler drawing on your new hardwood floor or white walls.

3) A studio

A cost effective and practical solution would be to turn it into a creative home studio! Instead of building an extension on the house, why not reuse the garage as a space for your own creative needs. Perhaps you have always wanted to practice painting, photography, sculpture or pottery?

4) A house for guests

You never know when guests can come up for a quick visit! If your home lacks space to accommodate relatives or friends, why not use this garage as a place to welcome these unexpected guests. You could use different types of multifunctional furniture, such as a sofa bed or TV cabinet that functions as a partition to divide the room. Think of innovative ways to make this space welcoming while reflecting on the functionality of your needs and those of your guests.

5) A training room at home

If you’re looking for an excuse to get in shape this year, and find that you’re practically not using this garage space, why not turn it into a training room?

6) A family room

Sometimes your home is just not big enough to have a room dedicated to relaxation and friendliness. If you run out of space, but need a place to relax, why not try turning your garage into a family room outside the main house?

7) A bar at home

You need a quick vacation, but can not afford it right now? Why not create a festive space, right on your own property! Turn your garage into a party room or fully functional bar. To do this, you will need to install electricity to accommodate a sound system or even a home theater.

8) A music studio

Are you developing a growing passion for music and dreaming of recording your first album? Maybe your child wants to play in the school band? Your garage is the place par excellence to allow musical passions to flourish! Follow a few simple steps of soundproofing work, which can be done with acoustic tiles or acoustic foams.

9) An office at home

Looking for a way to work at home while avoiding being installed in your living room? Why not set up your office in the garage? You will find a quiet place, close to the house, but well insulated at the same time so that you are able to separate your life from work and your life at home.

10) An apartment

Your child still lives at home as an adult and does not want to occupy his little bedroom anymore? Or, maybe you’re looking for some extra money to make ends meet and want to rent a home or act as a host on Airbnb? Well, if you have a garage looking to be renovated, why not consider turning it into a self-contained apartment?

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