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Top 5 Architectural Designs in 2019

Every year, trends in architectural design progress. Of course, 2019 is no exception. Taking advantage of the cutting edge technology and seizing sustainability, 2019 has been a year where designs in architecture indeed prospered. So, before you call your Guernsey architect for your new project, make sure to take a look and consider these top architectural designs that took 2019 so far by storm.


  1. Tiny Houses


With the continuous growth of population, space is now becoming more of a privilege. With that, people are now innovating to achieve functional living in a small area. Tiny houses have become a trend, and lots of smart designs came out advocating how to live simply in this crazy fast-paced environment.


  1. Sustainable Architecture


While it isn’t new, this trend isn’t bidding goodbye to the limelight anytime soon. Sustainable architecture longs to minimize the effects that constructions bring to the environment. This trend consists of sustainable methods such as using recycled or natural materials and ensuring building or houses that have energy consumption features. Most sustainable infrastructures boast impressive architectural style and design. Plus, they save in the long run and is an excellent type of investment.


  1. Open Plan Living


Open plan living is not something new. What makes it different in 2019 is that this architectural design trend goes one bar higher. While keeping a spacious feel is still the main priority, architects and designers are now becoming wary of giving each space a unique touch to differentiate living and working zones. Now, they play with levels in flooring, lighting, color and texture changes to provide a particular area its own vibe.


  1. Solar Roof Tiles


Solar roof tiles are now replacing solar panels. This architectural trend is making waves as it costs less than panels but is more visually appealing since it resembles your roof rather than sit on it. It comes in an array of stunning designs and smoothly integrates with your current roof while reaping the same cost-efficient benefits from that of a solar panel.


  1. Eco-friendly Styles


Architecture is now going green, not just from a sustainable standpoint but literally green. More designers and architects are now incorporating breathing or living plants into the picture. Vertical gardens are becoming more in demand both in a residential and commercial establishment. Expect greener ideas to sprout soon.




If you are looking to build a new home or building, make sure to consider these latest trends. Architecture is no longer about becoming just visually-enticing but is gearing towards more meaningful and beneficial designs.