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Category: Chem-Dry Scottsdale AZ

Why Use a Chem-Dry Scottsdale AZ Company?

chem-dry scottsdale azWhen you own a home, you want to make sure that you do everything possible to keep it comfortable, safe and clean. For people in Scottsdale, Arizona, carpeting is a common flooring option in many homes. Vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis may help to keep it clean to a certain extent but it is also important to have it professionally cleaned on a periodic basis. Although you have many choices, using a chem-dry Scottsdale AZ company, like the one you will find at, is the option that can really make a difference in what you are providing for your family.

Chem-dry uses a unique method of extraction from carpeting. One of the primary benefits of using this type of carpet cleaning method is because it uses much less water than other methods. In fact, it uses up to 80% less water and that can really make a difference in how long it takes your carpeting to dry. Why is that important? Because having wet carpeting is uncomfortable under your feet and it can cause problems with putting any furniture back in the room. In addition, you are running the risk of causing additional issues, such as the development of mold. Using a dry extraction method is the best way to avoid those problems.

Something else that is very closely tied to your carpeting is your health. Most people really don’t give this the attention that it deserves. In one study, carpeting was cleaned more frequently at a public school and the children were missing school because of illness much less frequently. The same is also true in your home. There are a lot of difficulties that can occur with your family’s health when the carpeting is not clean. This includes germs as well as many different allergens that can stick to the carpet and make you sick. The chem dry extraction method removes up to 98% of those allergens and it can keep your family healthy.

One other feature that should not be overlooked is the green method that they have of cleaning carpeting. It uses water and a special formula that does not pose any health hazards to your children, your pets or yourself. This is an important thing to consider because we live on our carpeting and in the case of children or pets, they are often in close proximity to it. So as you can see, cleaning your carpeting is very important but making the choice to use a chem-dry Scottsdale AZ company is the best choice you can make.