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Month: November 2019

How Much Does A Dog Walker In NYC Charge?

Do you work all day and come home to an eager dog that wants your attention? You give him or her as much love as you can, pampering your dog with treats and special meals. But you can’t be there for all of those walk opportunities. Dogs love to go on walks, and that’s why you might want to consider hiring a dog walker in NYC.

The Costs

Dog walks last about 20 minutes when you’re paying. That is enough time for your furry friend to have some fun outdoors. It will break up the time spent inside, waiting for you to come home. Of course, your dog is also having fun relaxing. He or she needs some exercise and a chance to use the bathroom.

Dog walks can be an excellent way for your furry friend to socialize, too. We’ve established that the walks last about 20 minutes. But how much is the chore going to cost you? You can expect to pay a minimum of $15 for a dog walker in NYC. On average, the range is $15-$20. Some people will likely charge more, but you can shop around to find the best rate.

The Extras

Do you need your dog walked two times daily, at least on certain days? That would run you about $30 on average and up to $45. There are also dog walkers in New York City that charge rates for a 30-minute walk. Those types of walks are going to cost you about $20 and on up to around $30.

You can check out the rates for the best dog walkers in your area, and then you can make a final decision. Your dog is undoubtedly going to love all of those extra walks. And he or she will still be extremely excited to see you when you get home.

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